QuizCreator (English)

In my long and interrupted career as a secondary school teacher in both general and technical sectors I have always thought that teachers could somehow use the computer to better advantage; that there was a real need for more specific pedagogical programs. After some research I was able to come up with various options for the creation of quizzes for computer use by my students. None of my findings were to my complete satisfaction, however: the programs were limited and the graphics not up to par. Then, several years ago, I came across software called QuizCreator which allows you to make up your own tests and quizzes and administer them via the computer.

QuizCreator truly is fantastic:  it’s easy to use and has exceptionally good graphics which give my quizzes a professional look. I can honestly say that never before in all my years of teaching have I come across a program as complete and absorbing as QuizCreator: making up quizzes of any type is child’s play for the teacher and students find them simple to use.

This is the program that every conscientious teacher needs. In fact, this product, thanks to the tools that it supplies, facilitates enormously a teacher’s day-to-day work - you can quickly and efficiently evaluate your students’ performance whatever the subject area. On the student’s side, I have personally witnessed my students’ interest and concentration in working out the tasks I set up using QuizCreator.

The following is a list of the types of quizzes that can be used:

True/False: allows the student to choose the correct solution out of several possibilities

Multiple Choice: the student picks one out of several possible answers

Multiple Response: the student can choose several correct answers out of the ones proposed

Fill in the Blank: asks the student to type in the correct answer (word or phrase)

Matching: the student traces a line to match correctly items in two columns

Sequence: the student traces a line to put a sequence of elements in the correct order

Word Bank: the student completes a sentence (a definition, for example) with one of the suggested solutions

Click Map: the student picks out the correct answer by clicking on a picture, or other type of visual

And then, thanks to other useful functions, the teacher can easily collect the students’ answers or other information by email.

I have recommended this outstanding program to my friends and colleagues who have, without exception, all found it to be an excellent teaching tool.

QuizCreator enlivens and enriches every teacher’s lessons. Test it yourself!


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